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    Guild Bank Reorganized


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    Guild Bank Reorganized Empty Guild Bank Reorganized

    Post  Zackariah Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:10 pm

    Our guild bank has been reorganized to make sure that things are kept neat and tidy.

    The current tabs are:
    • Initiate stash - Containing the uniforms for Novice and Initiate members.
    • Devotee Stash - Containing the uniforms for Devotee members.
    • Officer Stash - Containing the uniforms for Lightsworn and Advisors.
    • Misc - Contains potions, misc equipment, item enchantments. The key-word is 'good for leveling'.
    • Trade Skill - Contains all trade goods used for leveling professions, such as bolts of cloth, metal and stone, enchanting materials, etc.

    For what the first 3 tabs should contain, please look at the items listed for the
    Clergy Uniforms and the Protector Uniforms

    I'd like to remind everyone that the items in Misc and Trade Skill are free to take as long as they are used and not sold!
    Also, please do not add items to the guild bank which people potentially have very little use for!

    It should not be looked upon as a trashcan but a way to share items which other members may find useful and good to have! A good rule of thumb might be to not to place things in the Guild Bank which wouldn't be sold on the Auction House anyway.

    Keep things clean now!
    - Zack

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