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A forum for the Church of the Holy Light guild on the realm Earthen Ring.

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    06/05/11: Reforms!


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    06/05/11: Reforms! Empty 06/05/11: Reforms!

    Post  Zackariah Mon May 02, 2011 8:35 pm

    News 06/05/11
    Structure- and Achievement-Reforms

    We are making some changes to the Achievement sets and the general Guild structure today! The goal is to increase the amount of fun we can get from our daily roleplay and to allow each member to more smoothely progress through the guild ranks in accordance to what is IC.
    We have revised most of the achievements but rest assured we've worked hard to make sure that old achievement points are integrated in the new system so that no one loses any time.
    The protectors-branch is what has received most changes both in regards to achievements and structure.

    Protector Structure changes

    • All protectors will be allowed to choose their weapons, between 1h swords, 1h maces, 2h swords, 2h maces, and polearms. The 1h swords and maces can either be used in dual wielding, or with a shield.
    • All protectors will be given a ranged weapon in the form of a hand-held crossbow to help them against the worst of the violent kind!
    • Updated the Uniforms for the Protectors
    • All protectors will be allowed to customize their uniform in terms of weapons and armor - as long as the general theme is followed and no items inappropriate for the rank (such as cape for a trainee) is added.
    • For the initiates emphasis has been put on disciplinary trainings as well as combat skill. The goal is to have the RP centered around trainings and disciplinary hearings; making the Devotee-rank of this branch a reliable unit to look up to both for us and others once the Initiate has finished the training.
    • The Devotee protector has had its structure revised. Aside from having Achievements based around daily moderation (training sessions and patrols), the protector may also be tutored in regards of the Light's teachings. By completing this tutoring, they may swear themselves to the Cathedral's service as Cathedral Knights.
    • Lightsworn are now known as Cathedral Knights. Following a codex based around the Virtues of Respect, Tenacity and Compassion, the Cathedral Knights are senior protectors in a package of reliability and dutifulness.
    • Advisors of the protectors-branch are known as Cathedral Champions. These are meant to be active knights who have a natural authority about them. Being co-leaders of the guild, these aid with various administrative tasks.
    • (Due to vast changes in the protection tree, all paladins have had their talent points reset Very Happy)

    Knight Codex. Click to view:

    The clergy-branch has also gone through a revision of their achievements to ensure they may progress through the ranks more smoothly and help the guild out more in doing so.

    All changes to the Achievements are listed below:

    Novices (both branches)

    • Reduced all work-based achievements to 3, down from 5.
    • Removed "Sweep the stairs"-achievement.
    • Merged "Sweep the floors" with "Wash the floors". The achievement is now called "Sweep or Wash the floors 3 times" and gains points for either sweeping or washing, independant of one another.
    • Added achievement "Do the dishes 3 times". This is meant to encourage a situation where water runs out more frequently, prompting the neophytes to gather more of it from the wells to complete the water-gathering achievement.


    Trainee Changes
    • Added achievement "Show and excellent sense of discipline and conduct". This achievement is completed automatically when the trainee follows the code of conduct with little to no breaches. Once any superior of rank devotee and up - of either branch - recognises this, it will be completed.
    • Added achievement "Survive a disciplinary drilling session perfectly". Disciplinary hearings will be conducted by superiors - either on request from the trainee or on the superior's own accord. If a trainee answers all questions satisfactory during such a session, they will complete this points. Answers to all questions are found in the Laws and Rules of the Cathedral-book.
    • Added achievement "Reach an adept level of combat skill". This is a meta-achievement. Under this achievement is the requirement to participate in 10 training sessions - but if you are already at an adept skill, it counts as having them all completed. The aim is that after 10 sessions, you will have an adept skill.

    Neophyte Changes
    • Added achievement "Master the duties of an ordained clergyman". This is a meta-achievement, containing the following points:
      - Learn how to hold a public sermon.
      - Learn how to perform burial rites.
      - Learn how to hold a wedding.
      - Learn how proper confession etiquette.
    • Added achievement "Show appropriate conduct for ordained clergy". This is completed when the neophyte is tested by a senior member and approved.
    • Removed the "Create 5 items for the Church" -achievement.
    • Merged "Learn to channel the Light" with "Attend 10 lectures" into the new "Gain a connection with the Light and learn how to channel it responsibly". This includes both learning to channel it and gaining a rudimentary skill with your particular specialization.


    Protector Changes
    • Added squire-based achievements. These are listed below and are available for protectors who have been taken in to study to become knights.
    • Added achivement "Gain a deeper understanding of the Virtues". Just like the initiate-achievement for the clergy, this is about learning more about the Virtues than their introduction. The mentor decides when this has been completed.
    • Added achievement "Master an advanced level of combat skill". This meta-achievement contains:
      - Master the weapon-skill of your choice.
      - Master hand-to-hand combat.
      - Master armor-training.
      The squire is trained ICly in these respects and will OOCly be tutored over how to keep things realistic.
    • Added achievement "Master discipline". The squire is to show an excellent code of conduct during his training. Just as the initiate achievement is completed automatically, so is this. This just means slip-ups are to be very rare.
    • Added achievement "Master the noble way of life". The squire will be given the knight codex by his mentor. This achievement is automatically completed when the mentor judges that the squire is actually living in accordance to the points written in that codex.
    • Removed "Complete 1 missionary quest".
    • Removed "Attend 3 joint training sessions".
    • Removed "Learn the code of conduct". This is baked into knight trainig.
    • Changed the "Infirmary Duty" achievement from 4h/each to 2h/each. A protector now has to complete 5 days on infirmary duty, 2h each.

    Priest/Priestess Changes
    < There are no changes to these achievements - we are quite happy with them >


    Knight Changes
    • Added achievement "Train and knight 1 squire". In order for the knights to be considered Cathedral champions, they will have to train a proper knight. Simple as that.
    • Added achievement "Hold 10 trainings". Theses trainings are meant for all protectors and are not squire-knight specific. They are no less important however. The knight can either be tasked to perform these by a superior or - better yet - request to perform them once they have a concise idea of the training layout.
    • Added achievement "Complete 1 complex mission related to the Church". This achievement tests the knight's ability to plan events out-of-characterly, as the next rank involves a lot of such management. Planned together with the other seniors, this event might take the form of forging a custom weapon for the knight, vanquishing a necromancer, etc. etc.
    • Added achievement "Exemplify dutifulness towards the Cathedral and the Knight-Codex". In essence, if the knight is looking to become a Champion, he must be acting in accordance to the code of conduct without fault. The occasional error must be very small (and very occasional!). This achievement is automatically completed once this behaviour is recognised by the other seniors.
    • Added achievement "Reach an adequate level of respect and recognition from the City community". The Knight will have to stay active and shine above the other protectors (including any fellow knights!) as a source of authority. This too is completed automatically once the seniors recognise this.

    Deacon/Deaconess Changes
    • Added achievement "Show active guidance of the Church’s members and initiative to engage in management work". The deacon is meant to be active and forward in tutoring neophytes, and be ready to pull his/her share of the management work. This is to be recognised and approved of by the seniors.

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    06/05/11: Reforms! Empty Re: 06/05/11: Reforms!

    Post  Skye Tue May 10, 2011 3:37 pm

    Zack. That was REAlLY REALLY CLEVER! I loled hard at the protection thing!

    Survive?! a disciplinary drilling session?! Christ Zack, weren't lessons with you hard enough already without putting trainees through Takeshi's Castle? xD
    Seriously though it's a very good idea. Wouldn't want disobedience in the ranks! It's good at the initiate and trainee level because they're the levels where people are still learning but past there they're going to be representing the church at a full capacity rather than in the learner degree. I like to think that this change was brought about in a small part by Elcia's characteristic disobedience that is being stamped out as we speak by the monks xD.

    Overall I love these changes though the majority are for the Protectorate branch. They make the whole thing seem more streamlined and far more personal as opposed to completing objectives, more about your character becoming more suited for the position. Ace job and it serves to push the newbies towards more appropriate RP. I'm impressed!

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