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A forum for the Church of the Holy Light guild on the realm Earthen Ring.

    Important: The "In Between" time.

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    Important: The "In Between" time.  Empty Important: The "In Between" time.

    Post  Cedric Thu May 05, 2011 5:20 pm

    Initially, I posted this as a reply in another thread. But on a second thought, I realized this is an issue important enough to deserve more attention.

    Over the past months, we have noticed a general trend where guild members cease to be active out of events, yet not providing us with adequate information and requests of potential reforms.(And yes, "something new" is too vague). I thus post this to remind every member of the guild's vision and raise awareness over this matter. Because we may as well be honest - the purpose of the guild and the RP we do may not suit or interest everyone, and this is perfectly acceptable.

    As previously mentioned, the purpose of the guild is to actively give the Stormwindian community:
    • Medical services

    • Arrangement of weddings and funeral ceremonies

    • Cleansing

    • Warding

    • Sanctuary for refugees

    • Comfort and advice to individual citizens

    Protectors are a part of the clergy and can contribute with communication between the Church and citizens. There are always visitors to speak to and serve, and it is these visitors who often provide new storylines to follow.

    This means that the time in-between organized events and individual tasks assigned to you is meant to be spent on these tasks (or training to do these tasks), not waiting idly for a new encounter or a dramatic event to occur. Create RP, don't wait for RP to find you.

    I personally have positive experience with this approach. When Zackariah and I just situated our characters at the cathedral, it was rarely visited. We started out by performing small, daily chores regardless of anyone's presence and gradually made our own presence known. This is possible for anyone to do!

    I will finalize with strongly recommending that the readers of this post ask themselves "Do I enjoy to do the RP the guild is meant for?" and consider if they fit in, because we do not wish you to be dissatisfied or have the wrong expectations of us.

    Thank you. Smile

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