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    Eihrissa's continuing absence


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    Eihrissa's continuing absence Empty Eihrissa's continuing absence

    Post  Eihrissa Mon Jun 13, 2011 10:39 pm

    Shalom, all guildies.

    I figured that a post would be necessary at this time, as I have been gone for a while already - due to a combination of reasons - and because this absence from the game will continue throughout the majority of the summer. To leave you opaque & unbeknownst as to why would be nothing less than deception.

    Since the middle of May - approximately a month ago - I have not touched the game in any noticeable amount, save the odd session early on, due to some reasons more foreseeable than others: I have developed my musicianship & interest in the audible arts through following a band aspiring to national fame on parts of their tour through Norway, doing volunteer work on some performances and simply observing as a part of the audience on others. I see this as cultivating one of my hobbies, as I am a songwriter in a closeted art project (it is still closeted, but I can unveil that it contains visual art as much as music, as it revolves around a particular theme that shines through both in sound & image) and thirst for inspiration as such. This is one of the reasons for my absence that I easily foresaw - I knew it was coming since a while, and I take critique in not alerting you of that in advance. I apologise wholeheartedly, but at least you know now, if that makes any change.

    One of the more haphazard, but no less important reasons is the awakening of romance in my life after a year or two of neglecting any emotional contact as strong as that. Without speaking too much of a subject as personal as this one - one that doubtfully contains much interest for you guildies - I can safely say that me chasing these emotions and the one for which I have them has consumed a lot of the time that I usually would spend playing & forwarding Eihrissa's story & role in the guild.

    Now you know the most important factors that have resulted in my almost total absence from the game. This will continue for a while, as I said, but more due to the fact that I am leaving for a month & more of work & vacation in one of France's easternmost provinces (Alsace) than any of what I already told you. I have long been interested in the zone that I am visiting, and I will combine this anthropological interest with a relaxing vacation in a warm climate until late July or early August.

    My activity will probably not settle fully again until the end of summer, or perhaps the beginning of autumn. At least now you have a clearer image as to why it won't, and I hope that this is nothing that will cause too much trouble for the guild. I will still be available for OOC counsel in administrative affairs to any degree that the officers wish & that I am able to participate in.

    Thank you.
    High Priestess
    High Priestess

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    Post  Ewyllyn Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:56 pm

    Have fun. Wink

    "I will wait for the sun
    On the top of the world
    To tell you all about
    The beauty of the Light

    - Era: Misere Mani.

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    Post  Ronath Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:11 pm

    Be well Ebontop and come back to us eventually, we miss you. Also take care of your heart Smile

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