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A forum for the Church of the Holy Light guild on the realm Earthen Ring.

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    Post  Zackariah Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:26 pm

    Some of you have already seen the calendar event on Wednesday, 6 July; "Last Sermon".
    As some of you have guessed and speculated about already, the basis behind this event is that both Cedric and I will be leaving the guild on this date.

    The reasons are plenty but simply put: Leading a guild is very hard and ungrateful work and it has gotten to a point where neither of us enjoy the game anymore. As a result we will be leaving to seek other things we might find fun.

    There will no doubt be a few questions about the future of the guild now that we are leaving and I will do my best to answer them below:

    Q: Will the guild disband?
    A: No, only Cedric and I will be leaving. The guild-leadership will be going to Ewyllyn when we go.

    Q: What is the IC explanation? Will Cedric and Zack die?
    A: We are saying that Bishop Farthing, the bishop of Stormwind City, will be returning from his escapades in Northrend to take over administration of the Cathedral. This allows Cedric and Zack to be freed of their administrative duties and head off into the world without randomly dying.

    Q: Isn't it dumb to make a blind woman the new administrator?
    A: Ewyllyn will be given the title of spiritual leader. Administration of the Cathedral's economy and similar once more falls in the hand of Bishop Farthing, the NPC.

    Q: What happens to our characters?
    A: We encourage you to play them as members of the Church of the Holy Light as you did before, and interact with the rest of the community. Remember that a guild is not based on the feet of its leaders, but at the shoulders of its members.

    We would like to thank everyone who's stood with us, supported us, helped us and played with us during these times. Your cooperation and company made the situation gold on good days and a reason to last another day on bad ones.

    A few special mentions are necessary however for those who have helped us exceptionally:

    • To Avrak, for being the perfect guild member. Your contribution to the guild was like a blessing from above - a cheerful, eager-to-help fellow with no strings attached. While others have been helpful, you have been out of the ordinary. Many thanks.

    • To Ailuro, for having spent a lot of her time keeping our infirmary tended to, our halls safe and showing a general dedication to the Cathedral overshadowing most of our own members.

    • To Jirachi, for playing showing a similar helpfulness and dedication to helping us out.

    • To Galohan and Rikhart alike for being two good and dependable guardsmen, in a sea of chaos.

    • To Maryanné for fighting Stormwind alongside us, supporting us in and out of the Silver Hand and making our RP more worthwhile.

    Best wishes.
    Zackariah and Cedric.

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    Post  Zeeri Sun Jul 03, 2011 11:31 am

    I want to inquire, will you and Cedric still be RPing on Zack and Eyre? Or will these characters be left on the bookshelf for another time?

    Zeeri x
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    High Priestess

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    Post  Ewyllyn Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:17 pm

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