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    What are you proud of today?


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    What are you proud of today?  Empty What are you proud of today?

    Post  Rhadegar Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:59 pm

    This is a nice topic, because it will do two things - if your day is not very good, it will remind you a reason that it is not so bad. And if it is good already, it will make it ever better because others will get know of your pride and make you feel better with that.

    So, basically, here you say one thing that happened today that makes you feel proud, that you did or did not, no matter, as long as it made you feel proud.

    I'll start. I had tiring day at work, knowing tommorow and the day after tommorow will both be even more tiring and more busy, and didn't feel all jolly about it. Came home and started to do some arenas with a new partner of mine, until the point that he decided to fetch some food... and forgot to tell me, when I have signed us both for arena. What happens? I arrive at the forever damned arena on my own, alone. And here starts how an event that would have made my day even worse got better. When I arrived there, I faced on my own, the currently strongest healer in game - the holy paladin, and the always annoying for warriors - hunters.

    Still I stood my ground. Depressed, with not much chance of winning, I started doing my best to win - and by some miracle... I DID.

    I sent the screens to my hommie Maryanne too. Very Happy

    Anyway.Your turn, fellas.

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