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    Banishment procedure and template

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    Banishment procedure and template Empty Banishment procedure and template

    Post  Cedric Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:10 pm

    Banishment from the cathedral premises is subjected to the authoritized clergymember's judgement and may be issued for the following reasons:

    • - Repeatedly harassing a Cathedral denizen or refusing to adhere to the set rules.
      - Physically assaulting a Cathedral denizen.
      - Heresy.
      - Theft of property of the Cathedral denizens.
      - Confirmed to hold malign intentions for a Cathedral denizen.

    Banishments may be lifted if the individual subjected to banishment remedies the behavior sufficiently.

    Banishment procedure:

    • - Announce banishment to officers/the administrator for approval.
      - Post a note on the forums, following the template found below
      - Send an IC letter to the individual subjected to banishment for notification.
      - Post a note on the information boards (in our channels)

    When posting a banishment note, include the following:

    Name of character:
    Include full name of character.

    Visual description:
    Make this as detailed as possible.

    Reason for banishment:
    Include all offenses committed.

    Valid or Lifted.

    Remember to broadcast a summary (IC) in the guild chat and other channels so that our good allies are made aware.

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