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    List of Cathedral Volunteers


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    List of Cathedral Volunteers Empty List of Cathedral Volunteers

    Post  Ronath Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:00 pm

    This piece of parchment which hangs on the notice board inside infirmary is a list of current Cathedral Volunteers approved by Clergy to assist with various tasks such as medical treatments, protection and other. Said people are premited to access lower floors of Cathedral as well as request help from official clergy members should the need arise.

    As it is now, current list of Volunteers is as follows :

    • Ailuro Fogsight

    • Kelandrana Lighthand

    • Jirachi Strangleroot

    • Dalani Silverrain

    • Maximus Stonehill

    • Ediah Sorrowsong

    • Dico Waynolt

    • Lizzy Hailstrom

    • Eleniel

    • Gothalgos Hastings

    • Lorelai Cerry

    • Georgiana Harvey

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