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    Westfall Delivery


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    Westfall Delivery Empty Westfall Delivery

    Post  Zackariah Sun Mar 13, 2011 5:39 pm


    News from the province of Westfall has been brought to us by Brother Ronath Greystone and Sister Samantha Levalin.

    The picture painted is a dark one - refugees from the Shattering still live in misery and lack the very basics necessary for survival - food, water, and shelter. Bunkered up in the deserted town of Moonbrook, the refugees lead a life where each man stands for himself - for little to no supplies are granted from the nearby Sentinel Hill. Worse yet, an unnatural chasm in the north swirl up storms, forcing the already desperate people to hide in the abandoned mine in Moonbrook as there is no other shelter.

    This coming Friday, we of the Cathedral will lend a hand to our needy and poor Brothers and Sisters in Moonbrook. A cart of essential supplies - grain, blankets, and clean water - will be sent to the lone caretaker of the refuge camp.

    Father Zackariah Iko

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